Are Casinos Dangerous Online?

Is online gambling dangerous? We look at whether online casinos are safe and what to do if you think you have a problem with gambling.


As the days grow shorter and colder, maybe you’re thinking about keeping yourself occupied through the winter months at a casino site — but are online casinos dangerous?

Perhaps you’ve read about the explosion in popularity of online gambling and are interested in giving it a shot, but are hesitant because you’ve heard stories about a dodgy casino site, or someone being scammed? We’re here to explain how online casinos can be dangerous, and what to look for in a safe online gaming experience.

Are Online Casinos Dangerous?

As with most questions, there is not a blanket yes or no answer to this question. We just have to remember that casino sites are like any other online service — there are thankfully hundreds of safe online casinos, but there are certainly some sites out there that might give you pause.

In 2021, most people in the United States shop and do business online. Say you want to buy a new Playstation 5: if you bought it from a reputable online store (say Amazon) then you won’t have anything to worry about and can expect a fun Christmas gift! Now let’s say you search online and find a website you don’t recognize which promises the console for less than Amazon, maybe it’s the deal of a lifetime or maybe it’s a scam.

Online casinos are no different in this respect than any other online retailer or service. There are plenty of safe, trustworthy websites and there are some disreputable scam sites out there. The key is to only trust those websites which can and will protect your private data and banking information.

So there are dangerous online casinos, but there are plenty of reputable and trustworthy online casinos where you can safely play all your favorite online casino games!

How to Tell if an Online Casino is Safe?

Well if you’re looking for the safest online gambling sites, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Gamble Online, our resident staff are experts in the world of online gambling with decades of combined experience in the industry.

Every site we recommend is safe, and our team meticulously analyzes online casinos to determine whether they are truly trustworthy and provide players with a safe and fair gaming experience. If you see a site in our list of online casino reviews, then you can rest assured that this online casino has passed our rigorous tests.

If you play at any of the casinos we positively review, then we can assure you of an enjoyable and safe online gambling experience. We also highlight any casinos we negatively review, for a variety of reasons, in our casino blacklist. If, however, you find a site that we haven’t reviewed yet, take a look at the signs of a dangerous casino site.

Our reviews also cover slot games and safe sportsbooks which we also review with the same rigorous desire to give all online gamblers the best information so they can choose the right online gambling site for them.

What are the Consequences of Online Gambling?

Online gambling is like many other activities. For most people, online gambling is a way to have fun, unwind, and play their favorite casino games. The consequences for these people are fun, relaxation, and maybe some winnings.

For other people, however, online gambling can have negative consequences. For players who are unfamiliar with online gambling or have problems with a gambling addiction, online gambling can lead to substantial monetary losses and problems in their personal lives with friends and family. If you feel that you are a problem gambler, or even have a gambling addiction, please keep reading for more information on the support that is available to you.

Why is Gambling Not Considered Dangerous By So Many?

In general, gambling can be considered a form of entertainment when enjoyed in moderation. As I previously mentioned, some people can become addicted to gambling and experience very real emotional and financial difficulties. In comparison to alcohol or drug addiction, gambling addiction may be considered harmful, but this isn’t the case.

While a problem gambler may not pose the same danger to others as an impaired driver, a problem gambler may soon find themselves and their family in very problematic circumstances due to their addiction. This is why many online casinos have stopped accepting credit cards as a deposit method: to prevent all players from artificially over-extending their bankroll using credit.

Gambling can also be a hidden addiction: while it may be obvious when you go for a gambling trip to Atlantic City or Reno, it’s less obvious if someone is playing slots on their cell phone. For this reason, gambling addiction is quite dangerous if the problem gambler isn’t able to receive help.

How to Stop Online Gambling?

If you think that you are a problem gambler or have a gambling addiction, please read this. There is support available to you if you need it. Most reputable online casinos offer ‘cool-off’ periods: players can opt to suspend themselves from play for a given time, anywhere from a few hours to years.

Read our page on gambling addiction to find a list of resources available to anyone who needs it. Remember if you need help, reach out to a trusted friend or family member or one of the organizations listed on our site. Don’t suffer in silence when you can get the help you need.

Summary: Are Casinos Dangerous Online?

We’ve taken a look at how you can spot a safe, reputable online casino using Gamble Online’s reviews and what to do if you think that you might be a problem gambler or have a gambling addiction.

We have established that there are dangerous online casinos in the same way that there are dangerous scam online stores. When in doubt, don’t give a site you don’t trust any personal or banking information. Always check online casino reviews before playing at a new online casino or sportsbook.

Ultimately, I would say to think about online gambling as you might think about other activities. Moderation is key. Don’t spend more than what you can afford. If you think you have a problem, ask for help. Remember: online gambling is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, if it isn’t fun anymore then take a break.

Want to play safe? Discover the safest sports betting sites, or read our casino reviews for the best (and our favorite) places to play.

Cliff Spiller

Cliff Spiller is a veteran casino writer with decades of experience writing online casino reviews and game guides. His betting strategy articles, and gambling news updates have been a fixture in the industry since 2004.

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