Are Las Vegas Casino Coolers Real?


When it comes to gambling, there is no shortage of superstitions. Luck plays a big part in wins and losses in a casino, and no matter which way it goes, players are always trying to attribute their success or failure to something. Was it a lucky outfit? Did someone blow on the dice? Did the dealer hand you the cards a certain way? In truth, none of these really have an impact but avid players won’t believe it.

One of the myths that you often hear about is chatter about ‘casino coolers’. If you’ve never heard of the terms, we’re going to introduce you to it and elaborate as to whether it’s something you should think about or just an old wives’ tale.

What Are Casino Coolers?

Does the casino try to slow you down when you’re on a hot streak? Some players feel that way. Of course, the house always wins, so what’s to stop them from employing some shady tactics if they want to win even more – or derail someone who is doing particularly well.

The term ‘casino cooler’ refers to when a casino sends around a player to join your table or join your game and throw you off. In other words, if you’re playing blackjack and you’re on a roll, they’ll ask one of their undercover helpers to go sit down next to you and throw off the game and momentum.

The reality is that all bettors know this feeling. When you’re on a heater in blackjack or online craps or poker, you don’t want any of the variables to change. Whether you’re playing with a specific deck or a specific dealer or a certain amount of people at the table, you’d rather the variables all stay the same.

If someone else comes to join the table or there’s a dealer switch or they bring in a new deck of cards, bettors will always wonder if the casino is trying to mess with their momentum.

Bettors are paranoid, superstitious, and suspicious. However, it doesn’t mean that the house is a bad actor in all of this.

No Evidence Of Casino Coolers

It’s perfectly healthy to be a little suspicious, but we can tell you that from our years of experience, casino coolers do no exist. The casino doesn’t employ anyone to throw you off, and online casinos don’t do this either.

To start, casinos are heavily regulated and if they were ever busted doing something like this, they could face huge fines. Secondly, how do they know that a cooler will even throw you off? What if they employed someone to come in and join the game, and you ended up winning more? Few bettors look at it from that perspective, but that’s mathematically a possibility too.

Lastly, why would the casino even worry about it? They’re mostly quite profitable businesses as is and they want to keep you happy and playing. If they were to start engaging in shady tactics, you might lose your trust in the establishment and you could take your business elsewhere.

The truth is casinos don’t care to do any of this because the numbers are in their favor. They know that the more you play, the more they’ll win, so they don’t need to do anything extra beyond that.

House Always Wins

Everyone who plays at a casino knows that the house always wins. With that in mind, think about this from the casino’s perspective: why would they ever mess with it? They know that you’ll come and play, stay at the hotel, order drinks, spend on shows and restaurants, and be a good customer.

Why would they ever risk this when the math on all of the games is in their favor? Sure, the odd time you’ll get lucky and come out ahead (this is often where low house edge comes into play) – that’s what makes betting so much fun – but they know that based on the math and based on the volume, they’ll run a profitable business.

Is there any need to really risk this by employing some kind of undercover player to possibly throw off a player or two that might be “hot”? No. Just file these coolers away as a casino myth along with hot and cold slots, loose slots, and roulette dealers impacting the game.

Bettors will always be superstitious and paranoid, but it doesn’t mean that any of it is justified.

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