Are you a Classic or Skill-Based Online Slots Player?

Should you play slots online, or in a traditional casino? Each has its unique pros and cons, so keep reading to find out which is best for you — even if it's both.


Like many other online casino games, slots have evolved over time. There was a period where slots were merely three-reel spinners and all you had to do was pull a lever to enjoy the action. Then buttons were introduced, and then more reels, more paylines, it went online, 3D graphics, and quickly the old slot game became a relic of the past. Today’s players are treated to all sorts of incredible slot themes, bonus rounds, free spins, jackpots, and many more innovative features. It’s safe to say that slots have come a long way.

One of the newer innovations are skill-based slots which is a type of slot game where you make actions and decisions that impact the outcome of the game. Instead of only having to decide on how much you’re betting, skill-based slots have drastically changed the game and bring the player into the action. Skill-based slots are very engaging for players and often lead to an adrenaline-filled experience. They are often attractive to millennials who love video games but never got into slots.

So that begs the question: what type of slots player are you? Let’s dive into the differences between classic slots players and skill-based slots players.

Signs You’re A Skill-Based Slots Player

  1. You Like Video Games

One of the most telling signs that you’re into skill-based slots is that you like video games. For the most part, that’s what these games try to emulate. Once you choose your preferred skill-based slot game, all with their own unique themes and styles, you essentially become a character within the game who must make decisions that impact the outcome.

Skill-based slots tend to have great graphics and fun 3D bonus rounds. For the most part they’re going to feel like a video game, but the difference now is that you’ve placed a bet at an online casinos for real money.. There isn’t anything else like skill-based slots on the Xbox or PlayStation, the only place you can play them is at the casino.

  1. You Like To Strategize

While the plot and story in skill-based slots are still basic, this style of game caters to those who like to think about strategy. When you play, your decisions and actions in the game will help you win money. Make the right moves and your payout will increase. That’s what makes this style of slot fun, your strategy in the game gives you more control over the outcome.

  1. You Like To Customize

When you’re playing a skill-based slot, you can customize your character and the journey your character takes in the game’s plot. For example, you can choose which adventure you want to play and choose aspects of your character’s look. This is very non-traditional for slots, all the classic games have never had anything like this. After your character is set, you can go off on an expedition to find treasure or save someone with side-quests along the way.

Signs You’re A Classic-Based Slots Player

  1. You Like To Keep It Simple

There’s something to be said about keeping it simple. In a day and age where everyone tries to be uber-productive with several monitors, phones, and work-related apps, there isn’t a need to add any more complexity to the basic slot game. Typically, classic slots players agree with this mindset.

When you go to a casino or log in online, it’s likely because you want to unwind and have some fun. The rest of your life is full with family, friends, work, exercise, health, and so on. When you hit the slots, you just want to unplug and have some fun.

Classic slots are easy to play, easy to understand, and they’re easy on the mind. There isn’t much thinking or strategy to them, and that’s exactly the point. Just sit there and smash a button or click the mouse for a while. You can relax while the reels go round and round. That’s what classic slots players appreciate about this style of slot game.

  1. You Like To Stick With What You Know

A lot of people are going to try out the new skill-based slots and many will enjoy it. However, if you’re into the classic slots, it’s likely because you want to stick with what you know. You don’t want to sit down and start figuring out characters and quests, how to play a new game, and what that all means for you and your money.

If you’re more into the classic version of slots, then you already know how the games work. You can select from many slots’ themes like ancient Egypt to jungle slots, and everything in between. However, these games will follow a familiar set of game rules. You can choose your bet size and sometimes the number of paylines, and that’s about it. Almost everyone knows how to play these types of slots, and there’s hardly any learning curve.

  1. You Like The Entertainment Classic Slots Bring To The Table

Sure, everyone always likes the shiny and new thing, but there’s something to be said for the old classics. And with slots, it’s not as if they are dusty relics; we’re not talking about VHS tapes here. Classic slots are not out of date, they’re simply evolving into a different direction. And while some people think of these as being less entertaining than the new skill-based slots, that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s simply a different form of entertainment.

With classic slots, you get to know the RTP, the bonus rounds, the paylines, the different wild and scatter symbols, and that’s it. There’s a beauty to the simplicity. It’s no wonder why this type of game is one of the most popular options in casinos around the world.


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Is there any Skill to Play Slot Machines on Mobile Phones?

Playing slots at mobile casinos take the same skills as online or real-life play — strict bankroll management, understanding of house edge & return to player percentage, available promotions & bonuses, and of course,

Unfortunately, most skill-based slot machines are currently only available to play inside a casino. These games were built with a focus on physical interaction and mimic the arcade experience. You will find yourself playing these games by using a familiar game controller to move your on-screen character, a gun to blast your way through levels, or a tabletop-style machine where you can select actions by touch.

It would definitely be too hard to put one of these machines in your mobile phone, your pockets would need to be huge! As the skill-based slot game market matures, we are sure that in the future, you will find more games to play that are optimized for mobile. If you see a skill-based slot game at the casino, such as Asteroids, Missile Command, Arkanoid, and Cannonbeard’s Treasure, give them a try and see if you like them.

How can Poker Skills be Applied to Online Slots?

Poker skills are universally good to have when playing online slots because they combine the two best traits you need to play slots well, bankroll management and having a good understanding of odds. With a strong sense of bankroll management, you will place your bets in a controlled manner that optimizes the outcome you are hoping to achieve. In order to achieve this control, you also need to have a good understanding of how the game’s odds and features work.

For example, if a poker player uses their skills to play the online slot Jackpot 6000, the main feature they will play for is the Super Meter. Using their understanding of odds, they know that the main goal in this game will be to hit the maximum payout. They will also know that the possibility of 50 or more losses in a row is a real likelihood. However, one big Super Meter win will erase all these losses and put them instantly back in profit. A player without these skills would likely play it safe and not unlock this game’s huge potential. How many players would understand that 50 losses in a row are ok? Few and most would get frustrated at the experience due to their lack of understanding.

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