Can Casinos Control your Winnings?

Do casinos control who wins and who loses? Read on to find the ways which casinos might control your money and how to avoid them.


Though casinos have been around for hundreds of years, many around the world still ponder the eternal question: are they really fair? 

When it comes to online casinos, that’s always in the hands of random number generator software, dialed in to produce results based on parameters put forward in conjunction by a gaming control board and an operator, physical venue, or safe online casino.

The question is, itself, fair. Casino cheating scandals and mafia history have plagued the gambling industry. Read on to find out if real money casinos can really control your winnings in 2022, and if so, how they do it:

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Do Casinos Control Who Wins?

The simple fact is this: rouge casinos have always existed. Despite strict industry regulation, there are always fraudulent casinos looking to take your money through unsavory means. Nevertheless, there are also perfectly safe, secure casino sites which offer incredible gambling experiences to millions around the world every year. So, how do you work out which casinos are fair? 

Well, it can be simple. Casinos which are licensed and regulated by respected third-party bodies are independently audited in order to obtain those certifications. This auditing includes thorough testing of the games and security on site. At online casinos, casino games are vetted for the use of Random Number Generators (RNGs) in the software. 

RNG’s take a number referred to as the seed and run it through super complicated mathematical operations to create a new one, that influences which symbol combinations appear on products’ display.

Then, it takes the new figure and repeats this process, which is continuously happening, even when one is not playing slots. Casinos cannot interfere with this process because their license mandates that their utilized random number generators get checked by their regulator before they begin their operations, and periodically.

Some gambling sites take things a step further by pairing up with independent testing agencies like TST and iTech Labs to ensure to their players that everything is on the up and up and that the fairness level of their offered products is 100%.

RNGs are crucial because they ensure fairness for both the player and the casino. When an RNG is in place, the outcome of each spin, draw or roll is completely random and previous results have no bearing on future ones. It would be impossible for the casino, or anyone else, to control who wins the game without removing the RNG software. 

When playing in-person, it can be trickier to confirm if each game is fair. Nevertheless, state licenses are a good indicator that a casino is well-regulated. It’s also advisable to research the casino on the web before you play there. In particular, pay attention to player reviews, many of which can be found online. Finally, keep close watch on the game as it’s being played. Casinos which have fair gambling measures such as continuous deck shufflers on their card games are safer to play.

Do Casinos Actually Payout?

Casinos payout every single day. In fact, they’ve paid out truly life-changing sums of money to players. 

Will a Casino Ever Withhold your Winnings?

Casinos have been known to withhold winnings, though there is usually an obvious reason. For example, if you’re playing online and strike a big win which is more than the maximum withdrawal limit at the site, you won’t be able to receive all your winnings at the same time. 

Similarly, if you’ve claimed a casino bonus and haven’t adhered to the terms and conditions such as game limitations and wagering requirements, the casino will not payout. 

The most common reason why web-based casinos won’t payout is a simple one: players often don’t verify their accounts before requesting withdrawals. Account verification is just one of the common security features at casino sites, and it’s often a requirement of obtaining a gambling license. To verify your account, all you need to do is provide ID and proof of address. Be sure to do this before requesting your withdrawal, or else your money will be withheld.  

Other common reasons why casinos haven’t approved payouts include: 

  • Player hasn’t met wagering requirements
  • Player hasn’t met other bonus terms and conditions
  • Player has suspicious activity on their account
  • Player used a VPN
  • Player is suspected of having multiple accounts.

What Can I Do If an Online Casino Refuses to Pay?

Firstly, it’s important to know that it’s rare for a casino to withhold funds — and most internet gambling hubs promise instant withdrawals.

If they withdraw funds, you should reach out to their customer support to find out why in the first instance. Many casinos have 24/7 live chat services which can help. 

When that happens, there are several things a player must do:

Check Bonus Stipulations

One of the most common reasons online casino withdrawals get refused is that a user has won a decent enough sum utilizing bonus funds but has not cleared the associated promo requirements. That stops them from attaining any promo winnings and renders them void if the listed terms do not get met in time.

Contact Staff and Initiate a Dispute

Armed with evidence, one should get in touch with a platform’s customer representative and plead their case on why their seemingly legitimate casino withdrawal got denied. It is best to present the facts as they are, in a concise manner, backed by evidence. Then wait to see if the operator returns an appropriate and valid response.

Approach the Regulator

If the casino’s customer support team can’t help you, you can then escalate the situation further. This is within any player’s right.

A common way to do this is through the casino’s regulatory body or licensor. The casino might list a third-party auditor on their site, but there are also plenty to be found on the web. eCOGRA offers a well respected resolution service. You can also reach out to the body who has granted the casino a license to see if they can help. 

After a complaint gets filed with a regulator, this body should provide its investigation into the matter. And after that stage concludes, it should provide both parties with its findings and decision. If the regulator rules in the player’s favor, the operator must comply with the judgment. If not, it risks losing its license.


IBAS is a popular UK-based mediation service that UKGC casinos use.

Third-Party Mediation

In their general T&C pages, some gaming hubs list an independent, unbiased third-party mediation entity tasked with handling dispute proceedings.

This practice is uncommon for internationally-regulated casinos, but in the UK, most sites work with IBAS (Independent Betting Adjudication Service) to supply such an arbitration resource.

Go to Court

The final payment resolution avenue is to take the operator to court if the choices listed above fail to produce a result. Remember, if that occurs, the case will get put in front of the courts from where the site operates. The one it has its headquarters in, which is 99% of the time, the country of its regulator.

If all else fails, you can post a complaint online via a review website or a social media platform. Casinos are often keen to resolve issues for players who have made the situation public, and if they don’t, at least you’ve warned other players about a rouge site. 

Casino Winnings & Annuity Payments

When someone hits it big at a physical online casino, that stroke of good fortune often comes with several financial decisions. The primary one connected to snagging a massive reward is receiving these winnings in a structured settlement or as a lump sum. Opting for the latter choice often results in getting a smaller amount than the won one. It will also get taxed as ordinary income.

On the other hand, structured settlements supply a controlled income stream over a more extended period, and they do not get taxed until disbursed. That is beneficial because it allows for interest to pile on over time.

Regarding gambling sites, most have a rule that prizes above a specific amount get paid out in monthly installments until the entire sum gets delivered to the lucky player. That is non-negotiable and a part of the obligatory conditions of playing on such a platform.

Don’t be caught out by fraudulent casino sites. Only ever play at safe, regulated casinos with long histories of treating players fairly.

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