Play Online Scratch Cards For Instant Cash Wins!

You might be used to buying scratch cards from gas stations or convenience stores, but did you know you can play scratch cards online? You sure can — we explain how to cash them online.


Scratch cards, also known as scratch off games, are one of the most popular forms of betting. Often seen as harmless fun, many people do not consider buying these tickets gambling. Nevertheless, they are undoubtedly games of chance that can provide lucky individuals with super generous rewards.

The latter aspect is the chief source of their popularity. Thus, in a sense, they do not differ substantially from online casino games. In fact, most interactive gaming sites these days feature instant win interactive scratchers, products that bear striking similarities to reel-spinning titles found at all online casinos.

We mention that because real money scratch cards offer a familiar visual vibe to internet slots, on top of boasting comparable odds to most reel-spinners. The same cannot get said for physical scratch card games, where the chance of winning a decent reward is lower. Scratch card games online have varied wagering ranges, and they supply different-sized prizes. Gamblers can also use casino bonus funds to test their luck on them at specific platforms that allow this option.

So, can you cash scratch cards online? In short, playing real money scratch cards on the Web is the only way to cash a scratch card prize into a digital wallet or an online bank account. Rewards won on instant win games can only get claimed at a physical outlet where they got sold, another in the same network, or at the offices of the lottery operator that issued them.

How to Redeem Scratch Tickets?


Wins from online scratchers can get redeemed in minutes.

Though, at USA online casinos, receiving winning funds from scratch card wins can get facilitated much faster, even when more sizeable amounts are in question. That holds particularly true if a gambler chooses to withdraw his prize via an e-wallet or in cryptos.

No lottery operator has a system that allows gamblers to check if their scratch-off card has yielded an added prize or not, something offered by many online and offline games. As a rule of thumb in this gaming genre, gamblers must match three identical symbols on their card’s grid to attain a reward.

However, some land based or physical games may have a bonus round feature that can turn losing tickets into winning ones. Essentially, players must ask a person working at the retail outlet from where they bought their scratch tickets to scan their barcode to get validation that they are winners.

Even if a card displays three or more matching symbols, no reward can get paid out until an official party scans the winning ticket so that the operator’s system can verify that that issued card is indeed a winning one. This system has a database that lists all the cards in circulation, tying in the winning symbol combos of everyone with their corresponding bar codes. Hence, there is no way for someone to game this system by doctoring fake winning scratch cards.

At USA online casinos, receiving winning funds from scratch card wins can get facilitated much faster, even when more sizeable amounts are in question. That holds particularly true if a gambler chooses to withdraw his prize via an e-wallet or in cryptos.

For gamblers to get a prize in their hands, one up to a specific amount (around $500) can usually get paid out by the retail outlet that sold them their ticket. For scratch-off cards that feature a significant win money sum, lucky players have to submit a claim form to their lottery operator, who will then organize the payment.

Can I Tell If My Ticket Will Win Before I Scratch?

No, you can’t tell if your ticket will be a winner before you scratch it. That would defy the purpose of the game. Each card features a symbol grid covered by an opaque layer of paint. UV, or any other light, will not help potential cheaters see through this coat of paint and discover what token combo lies underneath. The only way to find that out is by forcefully removing it by scratching it off.

The only handy thing a gambler can do is check the back of the card to see the odds it offers. For example, if a ticket provides a one in five hundred chance for a win above $1,000, then one may think buying five cards should increase their odds by five. While the winning probability does go up, the more tickets one holds, getting ahold of winning ones happens through random selection. Hence, there are no guarantees that with one in five hundred odds that buying five cards will boost a gambler’s chances to one in one hundred.

When playing scratch card games online, the outcomes in each round get decided by an algorithm called a random number generator that arbitrarily picks what ticket will produce what symbol combination. There is no way that anyone can affect the behavior of this software. And, if you check our online casino reviews, we frequently highlight which testing agency verifies the fairness of these algorithms.


10 Million Dollar Titanium Black is the most popular scratcher in California.

There are no nationwide instant lottery tickets in the US. The likes there are in other countries. State’s side, every US territory has its lottery commission/association, and it is these bodies that issue scratch tickets for their residents to buy. Therefore, the most popular cards differ from state to state. In New York, the $5,000,000 Mega Multiplier and the $5,000,000 Riches are the top ones for New Yorkers. In Michigan, Worth Millions and Ultimate Millions are the top picks, while Californians’ favorite instant lottery game at the time of writing is the 10 Million Dollar Titanium Black.

Online, the preferred scratch-off choices at real money casino sites are Scratch Platinum and Scratch Bronze by Hacksaw Gaming, 7 Piggies by Pragmatic Play, 1×2 Gaming’s Instant Football, and Lost Vegas Survivors by Microgaming.

Do You Pay Tax on Scratch Card Winnings?

In the US, yes. In other countries, this varies, as does the rate in ones that impose taxes on gambling winnings.

In all US states, all lottery winnings get considered taxable income. So, the IRS will take 25% out of all instant ticket wins, plus up to an extra 13% can get withheld in local and state taxes depending on the winner’s US location.

On the other hand, in the UK, for example, there are no tax implications for lotto tickets and scratch cards. The same applies to many countries across Europe and ones on other continents.


100% up to $400


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