Cashless Casinos: How Resorts World Las Vegas Works


Las Vegas has a new casino in town. For the first time in over a decade, The Strip has enjoyed a facelift with the opening of the $4.3bn Resorts World Las Vegas.

The casino, hotel and entertainment complex is expected to significantly boost Vegas’ economy and aid the city’s recovery from the worst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Thousands of gamblers are due to flood the gaming pits of Resorts World Las Vegas – and many will be about to experience a new Vegas phenomenon for the first time.

That’s because Resorts World Las Vegas has gone cashless. From the day the casino opens its doors, players will be able to use their phones instead to receive chips at table games. What’s more, each chip is microchipped, meaning every bet and win is automatically calculated to a player’s account or e-wallet.

“When it comes to gaming technology, we’re doing many things that the city has never seen,” Resorts World Las Vegas president Scott Sibella said recently. “We will be more sophisticated than any casino in the world when it comes to technology.”

How Cashless Casino Technology Works

So, how will Resorts World Las Vegas’ cashless tech actually work? Well, rather than using cash to play on slot machines or buy chips, players will be able to play games via a mobile wallet on their phone. It means any of Resorts World’s 1,400 slot machines can be played in an instant, without the need for hard cash to be transferred.

The resort will also feature 117 table games. For these, players will create a QR code on their e-wallet to establish a bankroll. The table’s QR reader can then record wagering totals, while the dealer hands players chips to use. Doing this means players can still enjoy the feel of blackjack, craps, etc. but without the added admin of counting cash.

It also means casino dealers and players alike don’t have to handle as much cash, which helps reduce the spread of COVID-19.

What’s more, RFID chips are being placed in chips! This means bets at a blackjack table, for example, are electronically confirmed depending on their place on the table. So, if you decide to Double Down, all you have to do is place your chipped chip on the spot, and the game will note the bet. Once players decide to cash out, then can simply add their winnings to their e-wallet.

  • E-Wallets on phones
  • Chips in chips
  • Cash-less slots
  • QR codes
  • Reduced reliance on cash

More and more casinos are expected to go cashless – or at least offer cashless alternatives – in the coming years. The technology means players can maintain a profile for the resort and use their winnings in restaurants, bars and movie theatres within the same complex.

Indeed, it’s not just cashless technology that Resorts World are deploying. In an age where social contact is limited by health warnings surrounding the coronavirus, ticketless technology is being used for Resorts Worlds’ many entertainment attractions, bars and restaurants.

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