$245K Hot Drop Jackpot Won on Golden Buffalo


Who wouldn’t want to be $245,782.86 dollars richer? That happened to one lucky Hot Drop Jackpots player who tried their hand at the Max Prize Super Jackpot on Golden Buffalo.

Max Prizes are a type of Hot Drop Jackpot game that is set to hit when the prize pool reaches a certain amount (which you can track in the ‘jackpots’ widget’) — this player won just 24 hours at 4:45 pm CET after Hot Drop Jackpot games launched.

Why Golden Buffalo Hot Drop is a Must-Play

Golden Buffalo is part of a popular buffalo-themed slot series and features a southwestern theme and exciting graphics, crisp animation, and pleasant music (if you choose to play with sound).

So, what exactly is a Hot Drop Jackpot? If waiting until the prize pool hits a certain amount to win isn’t your thing, don’t worry — Golden Buffalo also offers Max Time jackpots where you can win either a daily or even hourly guaranteed jackpot when you spin at the right time. Since max prize jackpots are determined by contributions from the previous round, this is a promising start to these thrilling games.

Short on time? If you have 60 minutes, try an hourly jackpot and see if good timing will make you a couple of dollars richer.

Are There Other Hot Drop Jackpot Games to Play?

This jackpot is the first of many — if western-themed games aren’t your thing, you can try 777 Deluxe (my personal favorite) which features a classic, fruit-themed slot with a modern, neon-lit twist, or a Night With Cleo, which you’ll love if you appreciate a moody, nighttime design, with opulent-golden trimmed reel symbols.

You can play Max Prize Hot Drop Jackpot Games at:

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