GTA Casino Heists & More: Everything You Need to Know

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How To Properly Work The Casino Heist Mission In GTA 5

Online casinos are growing in the metaverse but before it was there, it was in video games. One of the all-time casino classics in a video game is the casino heist quest in Grand Theft Auto 5.

The Diamond Casino Heist is a little bit different from the rest of the heists that we’ve seen GTA Online create in the past. For this one, you have a whole variety of setup missions to do along with a choice on the type of approach you want to make during the game. Players are given the opportunity to spend more time on the setup in order to give themselves the best chance of succeeding in the final heist.

Let’s cover everything about the GTA 5 Diamond Casino Heist mission – from the fundamentals to the secret tips to score big wins.

Diamond Casino Heist Fundamentals

To first start the casino heist mission in GTA 5, the player must purchase and own an arcade in the game. You are able to find the arcade location from Maze Bank Foreclosures, so start there. You’ll have to access it with a VIP, CEO, or MC President or else you cannot start the setup missions for the final heist.

Once you are able to fly through all of the setup missions that are laid out before you, you start to get into the final heist, which is quite entertaining. If you want to succeed in this raid, you might want to go the route of hiring support crews to try and boost your odds of success. These support crews are made up of a number of different positions.


Of course, in any heist, you need a getaway guy. This means you need a getaway car in the game. If you don’t manage to find one, you must plan your getaway differently.


The gunman is good to have in the aggressive all-out type of approach. This is for the smash-and-grab strategy. The gunman will serve as extra muscle for your crew to have when you go into the heist finale. If you are choosing the silent, stealthy approach, then there isn’t much need for acquiring the gunman.


Then finally, there is the hacker. The hacker is arguably the most important out of the three of these support characters. The hacker helps you get inside the vault at certain speeds, so picking the correct one will decrease the waiting time it takes to finally get into it. Some in the community have made it clear that Avi Schwartzman is the best option to choose in this situation over Paige Harris. Stick with what the community says as it will help your chances of success.

Setup Missions

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Online casinos, video game casinos — we know it all.

The setup missions are crucial to succeeding in the final stages of the heist. One of the preps is called the N.O.O.S.E Headquarters mission which puts you on a quest to go ahead and find the hacking device that you need. This is what will help Avi’s job.

The next mission is the FIB Building mission where you have to find another hacking device using a signal bar, further boosting one approach that you can choose for the final heist at the end of the day.

There are other missions such as the vault keycards mission, where you have to take out some guards and steal their keycards to the vault. This is the easiest mission that is available to you and makes it a lot easier to sneak into the casino and open the vault without much resistance.

You can also play a mission that is purely designed to steal the patrol routes to the casino to try and see where guards are stationed before going into it. This makes it a lot easier to understand where you are more likely to get caught and where you are in the clear.

Other setups include the disguise theft, the security pass level 2 mission, stealing the vault drills and stealing the NOOSE outfits for when you try and exit the casino without garnering much attention to yourselves.

All of these various sub missions matter because they allow you to choose your path for the final heist. If you’re trying to go stealthily, there are options. If you want to use brute force, you can do that too.

Heist Finale Approaches

The interesting thing about this heist is that the finale can be attacked in a number of different ways. There isn’t just one set direction of the heist that you are forced to do and that makes this fun. You’ll often see players come back to this mission and try other strategies because there are more than a few ways to rob the casino.

The first is called the silent and sneaky route. This is when players try to get into the vault without garnering any attention in the process. They are given by far the least amount of resistance during the heist and the amount of time you are given to steal from the vault is increased tremendously. This requires a very delicate hand and a deft touch to make this happen, though.

The next method is called the big con. This is when the players choose to disguise themselves as workers and simply try to get into the vault from the inside. This method usually calls for minimal resistance throughout the process and needs quite a bit of finesse in order to make it all work without getting detected straight away. Done right, this can be the smoothest way to get the money.

Lastly, you can go the aggressive way. This is pretty straightforward. The players choose to just run into the casino with their guns blazing and attempt to take everyone out before getting to the vault. Not surprisingly, there is going to be an unbelievable level of resistance.

It should also be noted that every single one of these approaches uses different methods of setup prep. For example, if you choose the big con mission, you are going to be forced to go out on setup tasks to try and get the disguises. Depending on the approach that you choose, you will have specific missions to do beforehand.

Most Optimal Approach

From what the GTA community has been talking about – and you should trust the people who spend hundreds of hours playing this game – the big con approach is by far the easiest and most efficient approach for you to take in this heist.

This specific approach gives you an efficient route to the vault with minimal resistance and a decent amount of time to steal the money without being too rushed. This approach also doesn’t require you to do all of the setup and heist prep missions, saving you a significant chunk of time.

This doesn’t mean that the other approaches are a waste of time and don’t work. They all can. However, the big con has just usually been the most popular approach in the community for all of these reasons and the one most have had success with.

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