10 Things to Know About your First Time at a Casino

Going to the casino for the first time? Here's what you need to know.

Your first time at a brick-and-mortar casino is likely to be a daunting experience, and everyone had to go through this. Luckily for you, we have compiled a few of our top tips for surviving (and enjoying) your first time at a casino β€” feel free to use these tips for online casinos, too.

Do Casinos take Credit Cards?

Each state determines its own gambling laws, so the regulations for gambling will differ depending on where you play. Just as each state will have its specific gambling laws, each casino will also have its own set of rules when it comes to gambling activities. Whether a casino will accept credit cards or not will, therefore, depend on several factors.

The most common position in casinos around the US is that they will not allow you to directly use your credit card when buying casino chips as they will only accept cash. Casinos will usually have ATM facilities close by where players will be able to withdraw money using their Mastercard or other relevant cards, which can then be used to buy chips. It is important to note that withdrawing cash from your credit card will incur high-interest charges that you should take into account when using your funds for gambling.

When using your credit card to fund your gambling activities, you should always act cautiously. We would never recommend that anyone gambles on credit as this is super risky. Always gamble with money that you are comfortable with losing to avoid a situation where you are unable to cover your debts.

Using your credit card at a USA online casino is much easier. Online casinos have several deposit methods that you can use to send money safely to the casino. On top of credit card payments, a safe online casino will also accept debit card payments through Visa and Mastercard.

What is it like Going to a Casino for the First Time?

dealers hands on chips on roulette felt table

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Your first time at a casino will bring a mixture of feelings. You may be nervous or excited, or even a mixture of both. The best tip that we can give you for entering a land-based casino for the first time is to relax and enjoy the experience.

One of the things that you will notice is that the staff are always super friendly and are willing to offer assistance where possible. If you have any questions, you should head over to the information desk where they will answer any queries that you have. Looking to stay overnight? The best thing about land-based casinos is that they will usually have top-notch hotel and restaurant experiences on offer. Keep a lookout for special offers that the casino may be having to snatch up a special rate on one of their luxurious suites.

If you are feeling anxious about the rules of the different games at the casino, we would recommend trying out the online version first. By doing so you will be able to practice in a relaxed environment and may even grab a casino bonus along the way. The best thing about online casinos is that you can play directly on your mobile device, with plenty of mobile casino real money options now available.

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How Much Money Should I Bring to my First Casino Visit?

Once you are comfortable and have committed to your first trip to the casino, the next question you will ask is how much money should you bring to the casino? This is entirely dependent on two factors. The first being your budget, and the second being your experience level.

Your budget will determine how much you are comfortable playing with, and possibly losing, while your experience level will determine how well you can manage your risk throughout the night. The golden thread running through each player is that they should only gamble with money that they don’t mind parting with. As nothing is 100% certain when gambling you should always be as comfortable losing as you are winning.

If you are familiar with the gambling experience at a real money online casino, you will know that it is super convenient to deposit funds into your account using one of their safe deposit methods. When gambling online it is therefore even more important to practice good bankroll management so that you stick to your budget.

What Should you Never do in a Casino?

The land-based casino experience has been around for many years, and over time certain practices have emerged as to how you should conduct yourself when gambling. You should adhere to the set of unwritten rules for each game to avoid coming off as unfriendly, or worse, rude.

When gambling, it is best to avoid excessive drinking. Nobody likes the drunk guy that is super loud and obnoxious. The worst-case scenario here is the casino may ask you to leave, with the possibility of a lifetime ban. The best way to conduct yourself here is to drink in moderation so that you make rational decisions while gambling.

Chasing your losses is a term that describes betting with the hope that your next round will cover your losses for the night. This is a dangerous strategy that often does not end well. Knowing when to call it quits is key.

Another thing that you will want to avoid is cheating while playing. Casinos will treat cheating as a serious offense. Counting cards, while technically not cheating, is also something that you will want to avoid as this can lead to a ban from the casino.

What are Some Casino Safety Tips?

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Stay safe at the casino β€” your first time, second time, or anytime.

Generally speaking, casinos are super safe. As you are the casino’s main source of revenue, it is in their best interest to make sure that your safety is a top concern.

Despite being safe, there is always the chance that some shady characters are lurking in the casino. If you happen to win big, you are better off keeping it on the down-low to avoid any unwanted attention. When cashing out at the end of the night, you may approach the security personnel to request an escort to your vehicle to be safe.

How do you Buy Chips at a Casino?

When buying chips, it is important to remember your etiquette. The rule is that you never hand the dealer the money. Instead, lay it down on the table and the dealer will exchange your money for chips.

You can also head over to the cashier, which is usually located near the entrance of the casino, and request the cashier to exchange your money for chips. It is important to request in which denomination you want your chips to be, which comes in useful when you start to wager.

Online casinos, as you may or may not know, do not use casino chips. Your funds are deposited directly into the casino where the value will appear as credits. With Bitcoin gambling becoming super popular, and casinos incentivizing deposits in cryptocurrency through no deposit bonus promotions, you can avoid the hassle of buying chips altogether.

Now that you are aware of these top tips for your first time at a casino, we are sure that you are more than confident to take on your first real casino experience. Remember, gamble responsibly and have fun!

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