Tipping in Las Vegas: How Much Should I Tip in Vegas?


Las Vegas is the most iconic casino destination in the world. Gambling enthusiasts from all over the globe flock to Sin City to test their hand on the tables. While we’re all used to tipping in restaurants, bars and taxi cabs, it’s customary to also tip in the casino! Read on for our comprehensive guide to tipping in Las Vegas. 

Before we get into the nitty gritty, there are a few things you ought to know about Las Vegas casino etiquette, which can be a little different from that found at local casinos:

  • The dealers working on casino games in Vegas do not split their tips. Everything you give them, they get to keep. 
  • It’s generally best to tip in cash. If you’re playing a table game with chips like Vegas baccarat, be sure to keep some cash reserves back to tip the staff.

It’s also helpful to know that the average tip in Vegas is 17% of the total bill. With that in mind, we’re here to clarify the tipping expectations in Sin City. So, how much should you tip in Vegas? 

Casino Dealers

Most dealers know that the customers who tip well are the ones who are winning! If you are doing well on a low stakes table, tipping the dealer $1-5 every so often will keep them in good spirits. It’s also common to tip them when you’re done for the day – a small percentage of your winnings is a good guide. For higher stakes games, tip what you can comfortably afford and remember that playing the long game is key. Manage your bankroll well. 


For shorter trips (<$15), tipping a couple of dollars is perfectly acceptable. For longer trips, 20% is a good guide. Sometimes bad-natured drivers will deliberately take you longer drives than is strictly necessary, so it’s a good idea to have mapped out the route using a map app so you’ll know if they divert your trip and can adjust the tip accordingly. 


$2 or $3 per bag is a good rule of thumb, though you should up this if there is heavy lifting involved. You could also add a couple of extra bucks if they are speedy.

Drink Servers

$1-2 per drink is standard in Vegas. That said, you should consider giving a bit more if you’ve ordered a labor-intensive cocktail or if the server has given some good recommendations. If you’re looking to receive great service all night, start out by offering them a great tip on your first drink. 

Food Servers

For fast food, a few dollars in the tip jar is more than enough. When it comes to sit-down meals, 20% is advisable. Though you can lower it slightly for poor service, try to remember that most food servers rely heavily on tips. For buffet-style dinners, $2-3 per head is sufficient to thank the staff for clearing plates and keeping the buffet stocked. 

Poker Dealers

Managing a poker game is difficult! For that reason, it’s customary to tip the dealer if you win. Typical etiquette is $1 per hand for low stakes (<$150) pots. If you’re playing for much bigger money, anywhere from 1-5% of your winnings will be well-received.

Players play at the World Series of Poker event in Vegas

Players fill tables during the main event at the World Series of Poker, Wednesday, July 6, 2022, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)

Spa Workers

Some of the big casinos in Vegas automatically add gratuity to the treatments on offer, so always check the fine print and bill before you tip extra. If they haven’t, 15-20% is a good guide. You can adjust this up or down depending on the experience provided.

Tour Guides

The amount you should tip tour guides really depends on the service provided. If it’s a highly skilled job, such as a helicopter tour, $20 per head isn’t unreasonable. For short bus tours and the like, the tour guides will be grateful for a couple of bucks per person. 


Because the only requirement to be a valet in Vegas is a driver’s license, many students take on the job for minimum wage. Keep in mind that the valet staff may not even be of legal gambling age themselves. Be sure to tip them at least $3, but feel free to up this for great service.

Before you hop on a plane, be sure to read up on Vegas casinos and try your luck by playing for real money online

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