What are the Most Drawn Keno Numbers?

Players have long sought to find the key to correctly predicting the winning numbers in keno. We've done the work for you. Read on to learn which numbers are drawn the most in online keno and how to choose a winning set next time you play.


Since the invention of lottery and keno games, players have sought to devise or divine a way to predict the game’s outcome. Whether you play a traditional lottery or a shiny new keno game, such as Klub Keno, players are forever searching for a way to determine which of the dozens of numbers will come up as a winner.

In online keno, players try to accurately predict the outcome from a draw of some eighty-numbered balls. Although it’s easy to learn how to play keno, the odds of winning aren’t as great as in some other online casino games.

As we often find in our online casino reviews, winning big when playing keno is fairly challenging.

If you’re searching for answers to what are the most drawn numbers in keno, you’re in luck! We’ve delved into the statistics of keno to find out which numbers appear more than any other. That way you can utilize a good strategy, together with a casino bonus, and maybe you’ll win big playing at any of our top instant withdrawal online casinos.

What are the Odds of Predicting Keno?

If you’re unfamiliar with the game, keno is essentially a form of the lottery in which twenty numbers are drawn at random from a field of eighty. Players wager on which numbers they believe will be drawn, and you can bet on up to ten numbers.

Players love keno as it’s a relaxing game that doesn’t necessarily require much action on the part of the player. You can opt to select the same numbers game after game and enjoy the atmosphere of the casino. If you do want to try to divine the numbers in keno, you will have to delve into the math behind keno: so beware!

Considering that twenty balls out of eighty are drawn each game, this means that any individual number has a 25% chance of being drawn in a given game. Statistically speaking, we would expect any particular number to be drawn at least once every four games.

The chances of correctly predicting more numbers become increasingly smaller. While you have a 1 in 4 chance of predicting a single number, predicting two numbers has odds of 1 in 17. Your odds get progressively longer as you attempt to predict more numbers: correctly predicting all ten numbers is 1 in 8,911,712!

What are the Most Drawn Keno Numbers?

Keno balls organized into rows.

Although statistically all the balls have an equal chance of being drawn, is that really the case?

After looking at the statistics, you can certainly see why players are looking at the math to work out which numbers they should select! But can statistics show us which numbers to choose based on past draws?

Based on data from New Zealand, the number 27 is statistically the best number to select as it has been drawn 25.59% of the time. That’s 0.59% more frequently than we would expect!  After analyzing data from thousands of games of keno, the following numbers were the ten most drawn keno numbers:

  1. 27 (25.59%)
  2. 35 (25.53%)
  3. 65 (25.52%)
  4. 50 (25.50%)
  5. 12 (25.48%)
  6. 32 (25.46%)
  7. 40 (25.45%)
  8. 49 (25.45%)
  9. 3 (25.44%)
  10. 31 (25.39%)

But what can this tell us about selecting numbers in Keno? The answer: not a lot. Although it can be interesting to see which numbers are drawn most frequently, it has no bearing on future draws. It’s the same as a coin flip: whether the coin lands on heads or tails has absolutely no influence on the outcome of subsequent draws.


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What Technique is Used to Predict Lotto Numbers?

Several lottery balls turning prior to being drawn.

With so many balls in play, it can be incredibly difficult to choose your numbers in lotto and keno.

Although the draw in keno or the lottery is completely random, players still prefer to use a system to help guide their choice of numbers. Keno patterns are one such way of choosing numbers in lotto-like games. This is one of the top tips to play keno as it helps players to feel more in control of the game’s outcome.

For instance, you can choose to wager on ‘hot numbers’: those numbers that have recently been drawn or that are drawn more frequently. You could, for example, choose from our list of the most drawn numbers in keno I mentioned above. This will not make it more or less likely that you win, but it can help to guide your choices.

You could also choose to play numbers in consecutive order. For example, you could choose 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. This also has no bearing on the outcome of the game, but it feels more logical than choosing numbers at random.

Players also choose to take inspiration from the lottery when choosing numbers in keno. Although there is a difference between keno and the lottery, you can ultimately play the two games in a similar way. As many lotto players choose significant numbers, you can do the same in keno. You could choose important dates (birthdays, anniversaries), lucky numbers (such as the Chinese lucky number of 8), or use astrology to help you make your choices.

At the end of the day, none of these techniques can help you improve your chances when playing keno. You have the same chance of accurately predicting five numbers whether you play the same five every time or if you use a different set in each game. Keno should be played as a fun and relaxing game where you have the opportunity to win some real cash. If you want a game in which you can influence the outcome of the game, you’d be better off trying some other casino classics such as online poker or online blackjack for real money.

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