You’ve Got to See the World’s Largest Keno Board

Do you want to see the World's largest keno board? You can look, but can you actually play it?


The game of Keno has long been a favorite casino game amongst players. The lottery-like gambling game is played at many modern casinos, with simple rules that only require players to pick 15 numbers between 1 and 80. The easy rules and decent rewards make it an attractive game to play. The casino game made its name in Asia before moving over to western casinos. However, there’s one BIG reason why you should check out the game of Keno.

In Las Vegas, the home of gambling entertainment, you will find the world’s biggest Keno board. We’re going to dive deeper into this remarkable Keno board, explore the history, and explain how the game became so big!

Where is the World’s Largest Keno Board?

The largest Keno board in the world is located in the D (Downtown) hotel and casino in Las Vegas. You will find the hotel and casino at 01 Fremont Street on the Fremont Street Experience in Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. If you’re ever in Las Vegas, be sure to check out Fremont Street, it’s full of weird and wonderful things to do. Not only that, but it was once the main Las Vegas strip with some legendary casinos and plenty of history.

The D Las Vegas installed the world’s largest Keno board only as recently as February 2017, giving Las Vegas another world record-breaking feature. The big board shows live Keno games as they play out on the casino’s second-floor Keno lobby. While we’re on the subject of breaking records, the casino also has the longest bar in Nevada, with a 100-foot-long bar aptly named the Longbar.

How Big is the World’s Largest Keno Board?

To put some context around this interesting gambling attraction, the Keno board stands around the same size as an average tennis court. So, you can say that it’s pretty big indeed. The board itself sits on the wall and can be viewed by everyone from the casino floor. It’s a fully operational board that displays games that take place throughout the day.

You may be asking, can anyone play the D’s Keno board? And the answer is yes, however, you will not be able to view the board if you are playing the game of Keno as the game takes place in another room. The large Keno board is simply a novelty that displays the Keno results from the games taking place.

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The Fremont Street Experience

Besides a very large Keno board, there is plenty happening at Fremont Street. The old school Las Vegas street is home to many interesting things, such as the world’s largest mechanical neon sign. You may recognize this huge cowboy sign that has been featured in many movies over the years.

You can also check out the world’s largest slot machine, the world’s largest ‘pint’ glass, and many other awesome treats. What’s more, there is also the largest sportsbook screen in history, which makes the largest Keno board look small in comparison.

Other Interesting Keno Boards Throughout History

The game of Keno has been around gambling establishments for centuries. The game itself has been played for thousands of years. It is thought that Keno was established in its first form during the Han Dynasty in China about 3,000 years ago. The game is still popular with many Asian players today. Let’s check out a few of the Keno versions that have been played throughout the years.

During the 1930s in Reno, Nevada, the lottery laws were somewhat restrictive, so to get around the regulation, the game of race-horse Keno was born. This originated in The Palace Club in 1936, with horse names used instead of numbers. This game remained until the laws finally changed.

Another interesting Keno board is the H.P. Schafer Keno Pool Board. This board features 62 numbered holes, with a playing card and baseball action applied too. The board sits at the end of a billiard table with players hitting the balls into the holes on the Keno board.

Nowadays, Keno is played on a digital board that you can find in many bars and gambling establishments across the US. These games play multiplayer Keno events with the results displayed over the internet in real-time.

The Game of Keno Today

Keno is mostly played at online casinos in today’s technological world. Betsoft Gaming created a new online Keno variation called Klub Keno, which is becoming very popular. Although the online experience is missing that social element, it provides fast-paced betting action without the need to leave the comfort of your own home. You can find many different types of Keno games at top online casino sites. What’s more, there are many free-play mobile apps where you can enjoy the game without betting. This way you don’t risk any money but still have the fun.

Will the Big Keno Board Record Ever be Broken?

It is hard to see if a casino will want to dethrone the legendary Fremont Street of one of its record-breaking titles. It’s entirely possible that a casino in Macau may try to steal the record in the future, but for now, the record belongs to Las Vegas casinos. If you’re in the Nevada area, make sure you check out the world’s largest Keno board, it looks even more impressive in person.

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