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Tennessee is the home of the Great Smoky Mountains, Graceland, Bristol Motor Speedway, and Nashville. With all these beautiful attractions we guess the state feels they don’t need any form of gambling entertainment for residents. Tennessee does not have any form of land based gambling other than state lottery, which it started in 2004 to increase funding for education. Since it’s inception, the TN Lottery has raised more than $2.6 billion dollars for educational programs, and awarded over $6 billion dollars in prizes.

Unfortunately for TN residents who want participate in other forms of gambling like casino games, poker, or sports betting, it means driving to Tunica or gambling online. With thousands of gambling sites on the web, it can be hard to know which ones are legitimate, and which ones are scams. We clear all of that up for you by providing you with Tennessee online gambling laws and safe online gambling websites.

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The state of Tennessee has no online gambling laws and does not legalize or regulate online gambling websites for residents. It is legal for residents of Tennessee to join and play at online gambling websites. Even though there are no laws stopping you from gambling online there are laws stopping you from operating a gambling website. Operating a gambling website is illegal in the state of Tennessee and you will be charged with violation of the gambling laws if you are caught, so don’t try it.

The most important thing you need to know to gamble online in Tennessee is which sites are the safest and are legal for online gamblers. We provide you with a list of legal, offshore internet gambling websites that accept Tennessee residents. Our listed gambling sites consist of online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms for your gambling entertainment. These sites provide you with secure transactions and safe gambling options so that your information is never risked and you can play games without worry. You can view our list, click the link, and go to the site to review it, or click the site name and read reviews and information about a particular website. Whichever site you decide to join we are sure you will be completely satisfied.

Online casinos are popular with residents in states as Tennessee that does not have many land based gambling options. Our offshore internet casinos accept Tennessee residents and are safe, secure, and legal. The online casinos you find listed here offer a variety of casino games, betting options, and bonuses. In fact, these online casinos are so sure you will be satisfies they supply you with a bonus when you make your first deposit. These sites are always open and you can pick one today to begin playing now.

It is almost impossible to find land based sportsbetting outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. This is why we bring you the highest rated offshore online sportsbooks that accept Tennessee residents. Do enjoy the excitement of live betting action? We bring you sports betting websites that provide you with live betting while games are in action. We also offer you online sportsbooks with mobile apps for your phone and tablet so you can wager on the go. Tennessee residents will be entertained with the various betting options we provide and the numerous bonuses. Pick a sports betting website today to join in on all the wagering action.

Tennessee residents that are looking for online poker action will find it with our preferred offshore poker websites. The poker websites we offer you are top rated, secure sites that always entertain you while protecting your information. Tennessee residents that enjoy high stakes games, poker tournaments, or casual games will find exactly what they are looking for here. There is something for everyone in our online poker rooms. View them today to join and enjoy all of the bonuses and promotions offered here.

We give Tennessee residents internet bingo halls that are located offshore and legal for residents to join. Our bingo websites allow you the chance to win real money and make secure deposits and withdrawals. You can enjoy casual bingo games, bingo tournaments, and high stakes bingo games, and more with our variety of bingo gaming action.

Tennessee Online Gambling FAQ

Is online gambling legal in Tennessee?

Online gambling is legal in Tennessee so far as we can figure. There are no laws that directly relate to online gambling in the state of Tennessee. For added protection we offer you offshore online gambling websites that are legal in Tennessee.

What’s the legal gambling age in TN?

If you are a Tennessee resident or visitor that is planning to gamble online the first thing you need to know is the legal gambling age. When you are 18 in Tennessee you can play land based bingo and state lottery. You are also permitted at 18 to play online bingo. When you are 21 in Tennessee you can play in online casinos, online sportsbooks, and online poker rooms. These laws are strictly enforced in the state of Tennessee so please adhere to them.

How can I ensure my safety while gambling online in Tennessee?

To ensure you are safe while gambling online we provide Tennessee residents with online gambling sites that are legal and secure. These sites are offshore gambling websites that are legal in Tennessee. They are secure and we are sure of this because we use them ourselves and have never had a security issue. When you decide on the right gambling website for you, you should read its privacy policy to learn about the security measures the site takes to protect your information. In addition, if you are ever in need of more answers about a particular websites security policy you can call their customer service center for more information.

Are online casinos legal in Tennessee?

Offshore online casinos are legal in Tennessee. Any online casino or other gambling website that says it is operated in Tennessee is not legal because Tennessee does not regulate, license, or authorize these rouge gambling entities.

Are online sportsbetting sites legal in Tennessee?

Online sportsbetting sites are legal in Tennessee as long as the sites you are using are located in offshore locations and licensed there.

Are online poker sites legal in Tennessee?

Online poker sites that are located in remote offshore locations and operated there are legal for Tennessee online gamblers. We do not recommend joining any websites that are not willing to provide you with credentials and these sites do.

Will I go to jail for gambling online in Tennessee?

You will not go to jail for gambling online in Tennessee. There have been no arrests or convictions of online gamblers in the state of Tennessee so it is not likely that you need to worry.