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The goal of this website is to provide readers with the most recent online gambling laws for South Carolina as well as the safest internet gambling websites. We offer a short review of the South Carolina gambling laws and a review of our listed gambling websites so that you are safe when playing online. Our sites are secure offshore legal gambling websites for South Carolina residents. We do not profess to be of a legal mind and only know what we read and relay to reader about South Carolina online gambling laws. Readers that would like more details into these laws need to speak with an attorney.

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The online gambling laws in the state of South Carolina do not allow much leeway for residents. You can play legally in the offshore online gambling sites offered here because there is no law that states it is illegal. You are not permitted to gamble anywhere in the state that is not regulated by the state and cannot operate an illegal gambling site. Residents of South Carolina that are caught breaking the state gambling laws face harsh penalties.

The online gambling sites we provide for South Carolina residents are offshore, fully licensed, and regulated websites. Because there is a lack of any online gambling laws these sites are safe for South Carolina residents. These online gambling sites offer a wide variety of casino games, sportsbetting action, poker rooms, and bingo halls and always accept residents of South Carolina. Our list of gambling sites offers enticing promotions, appealing bonuses, and a variety of high stakes games. The only true way to know what these sites really offer is to browse them and see for yourself.

Online casinos are appealing to most online gamblers because they offer so many different games along with promotions and bonuses. These offshore online casinos are secure and provide you with hours of safe gambling enjoyment. Our list of sites accepts South Carolina residents and offers them the best in casino gambling on the web. We have everything from slots to table games for South Carolina residents with high stakes games and a variety of deposit and withdrawal choices. We know there is nothing like the real thing, but with our online casinos South Carolina residents will enjoy the feel and excitement of a live casino.

South Carolina residents who enjoy a good game and winnings from wagering on it can do so legally with our quality online sportsbooks. At our list of online sportsbooks, South Carolina residents will find everything they could want in a sportsbetting website. They keep you informed of all the latest sports news and scores so you are always in the loop about games and your wagers and winnings. We bring you quality offshore online sportsbooks that accept South Carolina residents and allow you various betting options with secure transactions. Our online sportsbooks provide you with a mobile app so you can bet right from your phone or tablet when you are on the move. If that game you wanted to wager on already started, you are not too late. You can join one of our online sportsbooks right now and start wagering.

There are not many legitimate poker rooms still available to online poker players and that is what we bring you on this page. You never have to worry that the law will be looking over your shoulder because these online poker rooms are legal. You never have to worry about your sensitive information being compromised because our online poker rooms have taken precautions to protect it. Our list of online poker rooms has a variety of poker tournaments, many styles of poker games, and diverse levels of game play. Whether you are an experienced player that loves five-card stud or a novice learning Texas hold ’em, you can play in a tournament or just a few games for whatever stakes you choose. Our online poker rooms accept South Carolina residents and offer a variety of bonuses, promotions, and poker tips to improve your game. If you have been looking for a legitimate online poker website you will definitely find it here.

South Carolina provides its residents a few choices for bingo games but nothing as enticing as our websites offer. Our online bingo halls provide players with various bingo games, bingo tournaments, and bingo jackpots. The offshore online bingo halls we suggest accept South Carolina residents and allow them to play secure, legal bingo games. If bingo is your game, you will find everything you are looking for on this page.

South Carolina Online Gambling FAQ

Is online gambling legal in South Carolina?

We did not find any information in the South Carolina gambling laws that states online gambling are illegal in the state. Joining our offshore online gambling websites is also not illegal in South Carolina. There is nothing prohibiting online gambling and you will not face legal problems when you join our quality gambling websites.

What is the legal gambling age in South Carolina?

Even though there are limited, gambling options for land based gambling in South Carolina does not mean there are no legal gambling ages. There are no land based casinos, live poker rooms, or pari-mutuel betting facilities. The legal age for bingo lottery and online bingo is 18 For South Carolina residents. For residents that are 21 you are permitted to play in online casinos, online sportsbooks, and online poker rooms.

Are online casinos legal in South Carolina?

There are no land-based casinos in South Carolina making online casinos the only alternative for residents. We provide you with offshore online casinos that are legal to join. There is nothing illegal about joining online casinos as long as they are not operated in the state of South Carolina.

Is online sports betting legal in South Carolina?

Yes, it is legal to gamble in our offshore online sportsbooks. You will find these sites cover all of your sports betting needs and are easy to use.

Is online poker legal in South Carolina?

We have not found any information that states online poker sites are illegal in South Carolina. With no social gambling of any kind allowed in the state, we see more and more South Carolina residents turning to online poker rooms. We offer the best and safest online poker rooms to South Carolina residents and they never have to fear the law while using our online poker sites.

Will I go to jail for gambling online?

It is highly unlikely you will be targeted as an individual online gambler and arrested and charges with illegal online gambling. We have never heard of anyone in South Carolina or the U.S. being arrested or charged with a crime for gambling online. You can rest and play assured that you are not going to be arrested for gambling online.