What’s a Casino Marker?

Casino markers are loans given by the casino — but should you take them up on the offer?

Gamblers will often want to play without thinking about tight personal finances. This is where casino markers come in. A casino marker can be a convenient way to get additional funds apart from your deposit to play with. Not to mention many casinos will offer special rewards and discounts for players who choose to get a casino marker. On paper, this sounds even better than deposit bonuses you can get from safe casinos. The question here is, is it really worth it? What is a casino marker anyway? Let’s find out!

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What’s a Casino Marker?

A casino marker is a short-term, interest-free line of credit given to patrons by casinos to gamble with, and is often treated like a check.

Players who want to get a casino marker will have to apply to the casino credit department that examines the patron’s financial status to determine the final line of credit. These credits are meant to be used only to play casino games and are expected to be paid within 30 days.

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Casino markers are interest-free loans — with a catch.

Casino markers can be a great way to obtain additional funds to gamble with for players but they don’t come risk-free. It should be remembered that casino markers are not free money and you should only get a casino marker if you are sure you can pay it off within the agreed time frame. Not only can failing to repay a casino marker lead to financial ruin, but it can also lead to very serious repercussions ranging from a civil offense and thousands of dollars to jail time.

You can choose to play it safe and play instant win games to not lose a big amount of money, instead of playing a game with a live dealer.

Though, playing instant win games also come with its disadvantages. If you play instant win games, its going to be easier to mess with your bankroll management and you are pretty much at the mercy of luck.

How do Casino Markers Work?

Every casino has its own system they use to loan to patrons. To get a casino marker, what you would usually do is fill out a credit application at your casino of choice.

In this application, you’ll be asked to provide:

  • Your legal name,
  • Social security number,
  • Bank account information.

You can request a certain amount of money as a marker, but a casino will usually not verify if you have the amount you requested in your bank account. You may end up with an amount you can’t pay back right away. The casino will review your application and if it is approved, your marker will be printed out and you will sign it. Once you receive your marker, you can use it to obtain chips to play with in the casino or make bets.

What Happens if you Can’t Pay your Casino Markers?

If you fail to pay your casino marker before the agreed-upon time, depending on which country you took your casino marker, you can face serious consequences. In major gambling cities like Las Vegas, failure to pay casino markers back is considered a felony.

In Nevada, failing to pay your casino markers is considered to be a category D felony. You can face one to four years in prison along with fines and restitution. Clark County District Attorney’s Office has an entire division dedicated to unpaid gambling prosecutions called the Bad Check Unit. However, in most other states in the US, not paying a casino credit line loan is considered to be only a civil offense and not a crime.

In short, you should not take a casino marker if you are not sure you can pay it back. Even though not all countries have strict regulations when it comes to markers, this does not mean you can avoid paying it.

Do All Casinos Have Markers?

The majority of land-based casinos will have markers to offer you. However, some smaller casinos will not have casino markers at all. In which case you will have to use ATMs. One of the most advantageous aspects of casino markers is to be able to go into a casino without a huge amount of cash and the risk of losing it. This is especially important for gamblers who travel from country to country or across the country to gamble.

5 Tips to Use Casino Markers Safely

1) Make Sure You Can Afford The Casino Marker

The first thing you should consider is that you can actually afford the marker. You will have to pay it back eventually.

2) Pay Back in Time

Casino markers usually have a 30-day time period to pay back. If you don’t want to face legal consequences, you need to pay back your marker in time.

3) Understand the Rules Before You Take a Marker

Sometimes there will be additional rules attached to casino markers. Make sure to read all of them and understand them to avoid complications

4) Keep in Mind Your Credit Score

Your credit score will affect your possibility of getting a marker. Failing to pay back a casino marker will also affect your credit score negatively.

5) Do not Treat Your Marker as Free Money

In the end, a marker is not free money. It’s a loan that you’ll have to pay back in a short period of time. Therefore, you should be cautious if you play with a casino marker.

Going to a casino and taking a casino marker to get a chance to win big may sound reasonable to you. But what actually happens when you win big in a casino? Learn more about what happens when you when you win big at a casino.

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