Guide to Casino IDs: What Forms of ID Do Casinos Accept?

Learn everything you need to know about IDs in casinos in the USA.


There are plenty of circumstances in which you will have to show your ID to someone in your daily life. Whether it be going into a bar, purchasing alcohol, in an online casino, or renting a car.

Though you don’t have to show your ID to a casino employee while entering the building, if you look younger than your age a casino employee may ask for your ID. This is to prevent minors from gambling since the legal age for gambling and consuming alcohol is 21 in the United States.

If it is not for age validation, a casino has no right to ask for your ID. Except if you win a jackpot, that’s it! If you, for example, win a jackpot of more than $1,200 in a real money skill game, you have to pay taxes on it. Which means filling up annoying paperwork that comes with providing your ID. You have the right to refuse to hand over your documents, but this also means your winnings will not be paid out.

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What Forms of ID Do Casinos Accept?

As mentioned above, if you don’t look younger than your age, you won’t have to show your ID to a casino employee. You can enter a casino and play their games freely without limitations. In case you get lucky and hit a nice jackpot though, these forms of identification are accepted in casinos:

  • A valid driver’s license
  • A valid state ID (or non-driver ID)
  • A valid passport
  • Identification card of the United States armed forces

Will a Casino Accept Paper ID?

Unfortunately, casinos will not accept temporary paper IDs.

Just as we mentioned before, entering a casino and playing casino games are not the problem, just like playing online casino games. The problem starts when you get a great prize and want to claim it. For that, you are required to have a government-issued photo ID or any other valid form of identification for tax purposes.

Will a Casino Accept Expired IDs?

You can enter a casino with an expired ID and play all the games just fine like you are in a real money online casino! However, if you win a huge jackpot and want to claim your prize, your expired ID will cause problems. Hence why, you should always make sure your ID is valid, just in case your luck turns and you hit a jackpot.

You can also find a suitable live dealer online casino so you only have to deal with cumbersome ID verifications just once! A great spot to find your new favorite casino is our online casino reviews!

Can you go to a Casino Without ID Verification?

The short answer is yes of course! You are not obliged to present a valid ID while entering a casino. Most casino resorts are in hotels and more often than not, you will need to pass the casino lobby to reach the hotel reception without ever having to show your ID. Though you are not legally obligated to show your ID, if you look suspiciously young a casino employee might ask you to show your ID.

Apart from looking young, most casinos will ask you to show your ID if they suspect you to be a known advantage player or a known cheater. If you feel like this is too much of a hassle, you can check out our guide to instant win casino games and have a chance of winning real money instantly without dealing with unexpected ID verifications!

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