Who Are The Top Richest Boxers Of All Time? (2021)


Boxing is a vicious sport where you put your pride, heart, and face on the line as fighters step inside the ring to see who can inflict the most damage. In essence, anyone that competes in this realm is a modern-day gladiator.

The good news is that when boxers put their body on the line like that, they get paid out handsomely – if they’re successful. Boxing can bring in millionaires, and a number of boxers have cracked a six-figure net worth.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the top ten richest boxers in the world with the biggest net worth of all-time.

15. Naseem Hamed

  • $33 million

Retired from boxing, Naseem Hamed is considered one of the best British boxers and started his boxing career in 1992.

Hamed had delighted audiences by flying into the ring on a ‘flying carpet’, a Chevy Impala, and performing a reenactment of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ video. His losses? Hamed’s only clocked one loss, in 2001, happened during his second-final boxing match.

Since his retirement from the ring, Hamed has opened Naseem Hamed Enterprises, which focuses on real estate development and investment. Naseem Hamed Enterprises has net assets of 3.4 million.

14. Bernard Hopkins

  • $40 million

Bernard “Executioner” Hopkins is actually one of the oldest men to win a championship title at 46. Hopkins competed from 1988 to 2016 and held the IBF World Champion in boxing in 1995. He competed in 67 fights, had 55 wins, 32 wins by KO, 8 losses, 2 draws, and 2 no contests. He also greatly contributed to Congress passing the Muhammad Ali act, which states: (1) protect the rights and welfare of boxers; (2) aid state boxing commissions with the oversight of boxing; and (3) increase sportsmanship and integrity within the boxing industry (See 114 Stat. 321(3)(2000)

Hopkins was known for his stamina and ability to endure in the ring, something he’s brought to his personal and professional career outside of the ring. He’s an investor in Golden Boy Promotions, has earned an honorary degree, and largely works in boxing promotion.

13. Amir Khan

  • $40 million

One of the most well-paid boxers, Amir Khan started boxing as a kid, winning gold at the 2003 Junior Olympics, and a silver medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics.

Not only has Khan made an impressive amount of money from boxing, but he was also paid $13 million for just one fight against Saul Alvarez.

Khan’s earned money through participating in documentaries like Meet the Khans, and also as a promoter with his company Khan Promotions, owns Pakistan’s Amir Khan Academy and co-owns India’s Super Boxing League and Super Fight League, India’s MMA.  He also has a charity, the Amir Khan Foundation.

12. Ricky Hatton

  • $40 million

Ricky Hatton, another Brit on our list, is retired from boxing but held world championships in the light-welterweight and welterweight categories.

Hatton also ranks 11th in BoxingRec’s‘ list of greatest European fighters.

Since retiring from the ring in 2012, Hatton has worked as a boxing trainer and promoter, training champions like Zhanat Zhakiyanov.

11. ‘Marvelous’ Marvin Hagler

  • Estimated Net Worth: $45 Million

‘Marvelous’ Marvin Hagler was a boxer unlike anything we have ever seen in the middleweight division. From 1980 to 1987, he was the undisputed champ as his knockout power and southpaw style were incredibly feared in the ring. He reigned over the division for six years and seven months, which is the second-longest stretch ever in boxing.

What’s crazy is that in his time, even fighting some of the best out there, he was never really knocked down. The only time he actually hit the canvas is still disputed to this day.

Marvelous Marvin ended his career on a loss but then moved into the acting world a small bit to help himself out financially. In 2021, Hagler’s net worth is $45 million, which helps him make our list of richest boxers.

10. Muhammad Ali

  • $50 million (At time of death)

9. Anthony Joshua

  • Estimated Net Worth: $60 Million

Anthony Joshua is one of the most recent names added to the list as he’s still active. He’s mostly here because he first jumped onto the scenes at the 2012 London Games. After his success in the Olympics, Joshua started to box professionally, quickly rising up the ranks in the heavyweight division. He was able to work his way to a world title back in 2016 and the endorsements have only risen from that point on.

Nowadays, he is a big partner with Under Armor, Hugo Boss and Beats headphones, among many others. “AJ” is still raking in a lot of cash with his pay-per-view fights on top of all of those endorsements.

We’re all still waiting on the Tyson Fury-Joshua mega-fight, which is expected to happen next year. When it does, his net worth will rocket past $60 million.

8. Wladimir Klitschko

  • Estimated Net Worth: $65 Million

One of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time, Wladimir Klitschko was able to have full control over the title for an incredibly long period of time. According to one report, Wladimir held onto his champion title for 4,382 days before losing it. In that time span he grew a tremendous amount of popularity and was bringing home massive payday’s consistently – including his big bouts with Lennox Lewis.

All of those world titles he was earning helped his net worth jump up to $65 million.

7. Vitali Klitschko

  • Estimated Net Worth: $80 Million

Brother of Wladimir, it might surprise you to see that he’s netted more than his sibling. The Ukrainian boxer was able to prove his dominance in the heavyweight division for a long time. Vitali and his younger brother were breaking records constantly, which is why their era is often known as the Klitschko Era.

Nicknamed Dr. Ironfist, Vitali became a world champion before finding other opportunities outside of the sport. He became the mayor of Kyiv in Ukraine to further boost his net worth and that diversity has helped his financial gains. He’s now sitting on about $80 million.

6. ‘Sugar’ Ray Leonard

  • Estimated Net Worth: $120 Million

‘Sugar’ Ray Leonard is often described as one of the best boxers to ever step into the ring. Back then, boxing stars were iconic legends. Nowadays, other than Floyd Mayweather, they rarely reach the same type of superstar status.

Leonard was just a rare mix of both speed and athleticism that many opponents weren’t able to handle. One of the top boxers we’ve ever seen, Leonard competed across five weight classes to help take his boxing revenue to over $100 million throughout two decades of fighting. Leonard pursued other opportunities after he retired, such as becoming a motivational speaker, which helped boost his net worth up to $120 million.

5. Lennox Lewis

  • Estimated Net Worth: $140 Million

Lennox Lewis was a three-time world heavyweight champion and also a two-time lineal champion. He started competing back in 1989 after earning a gold medal in the 1988 Olympics in Seoul. He didn’t have the longest career – he only fought until 2003 – but he was quite effective.

Lewis had some huge bouts on his resume, including a 2002 win over ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson. It was one of the most anticipated fights in boxing history. That proved to be his second-last fight as he knocked out Vitali Klitschko in his final fight.

Lewis finished his career with a record of 41-2-1 and retired in his prime. He was always an intelligent fighter and decided to get out of the game before it got to him.

As it stands in 2021, Lewis holds a net worth of $140 million dollars

4. Manny Pacquiao

  • Estimated Net Worth: $190 Million

Pacquiao is not only one of the best to ever lace up the gloves, he’s a historic figure in the Philippines, his home country. Pacquiao has become a household name and for good reason. BoxRec has him ranked as the fourth greatest boxer of all-time as few dominated like he did in his heyday. Back in his peak around 2011, Pacquiao was 54-3-2 and had chopped down all of the best fighters in the sport. That includes wins over Shane Mosley, Juan Manuel Marquez, Miguel Cotto, Erik Morales and more.

He has done more than just dominate the boxing world. Pacquiao is also a Senator of the Philippines, made musical albums and had all sorts of endorsement deals. He has a net worth of roughly $190 million dollars, which is why he’s one of the richest boxers of all-time.

3. Oscar De La Hoya

  • Estimated Net Worth: $200 Million

Oscar De La Hoya was a legendary professional boxer but has also padded his net worth by becoming a promoter after his career.

In the ring, he battled it out in the ring for 16 years from 1992 to 2008. During that time, De La Hoya brought home a couple of world title in six different weight classes, something that is rarely ever done in professional boxing. The Golden Boy is rated as the fifth-best boxer of all time by BoxRec with others claiming he is even higher up in those rankings. He now has about $200 million in net worth.

2. George Foreman

  • Estimated Net Worth: $300 Million

George Foreman is one of the few people on this list that might be best-known for something other than boxing. His classic George Foreman grill is one of the main reasons his net worth is where it is. However, Big George was also one of the best boxers of all time.

Foreman competed in professional boxing from 1969 to 1977 and then took about a decade off before returning through the year 1987 to 1997. Throughout his time in the ring, Foreman became a gold medalist and a two-time world heavyweight champion with one of the titles coming when he was 46 years old.

His punches packed the necessary power to put his opponents to sleep as Ring Magazine ranked him as the ninth-hardest puncher of all time.

In 2021, Foreman’s net worth has reached up to $300 million dollars.

1. Floyd Mayweather

  • Estimated Net Worth: $1.2 billion

It’s no surprise that Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather is the richest boxer of all-time. He’s competed from 1996 up until 2015 before making a massive comeback in 2017 with a huge fight against Conor McGregor, and then again in an exhibition against YouTube star Logan Paul. Floyd has been able to accumulate five world titles in five weight classes, not to mention his incredible 50-0 record throughout his career.

A big reason for Mayweather’s riches is his ability to sell fights — hello, bout against Jake Paul. He always plays up the role of the villain, bragging about his undefeated record and flashing all of his cash. Many have tried to knock him out and shut him up, but nobody has come close to touching him.

As of right now, Mayweather’s net worth is hovering around $560 million dollars but that can change any given day. Not only does he make million-dollar sports bets here and there, he could also sign on for a new fight tomorrow and collect another six-figure paycheck.

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