NJPW Battle in the Valley Betting: Mercedes Monè v KAIRI Odds

Mercedes Monè (FKA Sasha Banks) faces KAIRI for the NJPW Women's Championship.

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In recent years, WWE betting has exploded in popularity at the best sports betting sites. Thanks to the rapid expansion in real money sports betting, players now have access to odds on events from around the world. The best sportsbooks now offer odds on pro wrestling betting events from around the world, including those of New Japan Pro Wrestling.

NJPW hit the headlines recently with the debut at Wrestle Kingdom 17 of Mercedes Monè. The former Sasha Banks acrimoniously split with WWE back in May of 2022. With a new name and a new look, Monè shocked the world by confronting the IWGP Women’s Champion, KAIRI.

KAIRI and Monè will now re-ignite their WWE rivalry at NJPW Battle in the Valley as they face off for the IWGP Women’s Championship. There is an unprecedented amount of interest in this match as Monè is literally creating history and changing the landscape of professional wrestling as we know it.

The CEO is now looking to further cement her position at the top of the world by dethroning KAIRI. Read on for the latest NJPW betting odds and our expert picks for NJPW Battle in the Valley.

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NJPW Battle in the Valley Betting Odds & Predictions

We have the latest sports betting odds for NJPW Battle in the Valley 2023, courtesy of BetUS:

IWGP Women’s Championship Match – Mercedes Monè

Wrestler Latest NJPW Odds
KAIRI (c) +250
Mercedes Monè -400

In what was probably the worst kept secret in pro wrestling since the returns of CM Punk and Cody Rhodes, Mercedes Varnado made her shocking debut in NJPW as Mercedes Monè after a decade as Sasha Banks in WWE.

Monè made her explosive debut to confront an old adversary, KAIRI. Better known to WWE audiences as Kairi Sane, the Pirate Princess had just successfully defended her IWGP Women’s Championship when Monè’s music hit.

You might remember that Monè and KAIRI have an already tumultuous history from their time in WWE. Back in 2020, KAIRI was brutally attacked by Bayley backstage as part of Monè’s ploy to capture the Raw Women’s Championship away from KAIRI’s tag team partner, Asuka.

Bayley’s brutal assault marked the end of KAIRI’s time in WWE. Although rightly recognized by industry observers as one of the best wrestlers in WWE, personal reasons (including the tragic loss of her close friend Hana Kimura) resulted in KAIRI returning to Japan.

KAIRI did eventually return to the ring with World Wonder Ring Stardom, the premier all-women’s wrestling promotion in the world, before becoming the first ever IWGP Women’s Champion at Historic X-Over in November 2022.

Since returning to the ring in Japan, KAIRI has shown that she is still at the top of her game. KAIRI has defeated Starlight Kid, Mayu Iwatani, and Tam Nakano in high profile matches. This is in stark contrast to Monè who has not had a public match since departing WWE in May of 2022. Ring rust could definitely play a factor in favor of KAIRI.

In my opinion, Mercedes Monè has the advantage over KAIRI for multiple reasons. Firstly, Monè has the home-field advantage as the match will take place on American soil. Secondly, Monè has spent most of the last year training around the world in preparation for her return. Lastly, Monè is still one of the best wrestlers in the world.

Although KAIRI is a fantastic competitor, I believe that Mercedes Monè has the drive and ability to unseat the champion. I would expect Mercedes Monè to win the IWGP Women’s Championship at NJPW Battle in the Valley and, honestly, I’m excited to see what The CEO does next!

Why Did Sasha Banks Leave WWE?

For many pro wrestling fans, myself included, it’s still a mystery as to why Sasha Banks was not as prominent as some other women in WWE. Not only is Mercedes Varnado one of the best wrestlers, she has also developed a lucrative brand beyond the mat, including her featured role in The Mandalorian.

Her booking in WWE was at times, frankly, bizarre: Sasha Banks never successfully defended the Raw Women’s Championship despite capturing the title five times. In fact, Seth Rollins has successfully defended the Raw Women’s Championship more times than Banks ever did. If that fact makes you cringe, join the club.

Despite her fantastic run during the pandemic (including marquee matches against Bayley at Hell in a Cell and Io Shirai), Banks was increasingly sidelined in the months leading up to her well documented walk-out alongside her close friend Naomi.

Although there were rumors that Sasha Banks was close to a return to WWE under the Triple H regime, that never materialized. For the time being, Mercedes Varnado is committed to NJPW and Stardom and is the biggest American name to head to Japan in years.

Varnado’s Twitter bio currently states, “She remembered who she was and the game changed.” I think this perfectly encapsulates why Varnado left WWE and why we should all be very excited about what she does next.

When is NJPW Battle in the Valley 2023?

NJPW Battle in the Valley will air live at 10pm ET / 7pm PT on Saturday, February 18th. Battle in the Valley will be held at the San Jose Civic in San Jose, California.

Battle in the Valley is on the same date as WWE’s Elimination Chamber which starts at 8pm ET. So NJPW betting fans can watch both events back-to-back!

Where Can I Watch NJPW Battle in the Valley?

Sports betting fans can watch NJPW Battle in the Valley on Fite for $19.99.

If you want to start betting on pro wrestling, be sure to read our unbiased sportsbook reviews to find exclusive sports and casino bonus offers. If you want a whole weekend of safe sports betting, including NBA betting, try a mobile sportsbook so you can bet on the go!

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