4 Table Games Every Gambler Should Try

Want to be the very best, that no one ever was? Then don't neglect these 4 popular table games. Read on to discover the essential games every gambler needs to try at least once.


Are you a gambler who likes to stick to one game? Improving your knowledge of online table games is the most important avenue to winning big in an online casino. Table games such as baccarat and roulette are great fun to play socially with friends, but they can also provide big wins to dedicated players.

If you’re new to the world on online casinos then there are four table games in which to begin your journey: Roulette, online blackjack for real money, Three Card Poker and Baccarat.

Now, having a deep knowledge of table games will help you make smarter choices while playing in an online casino and avoid stupid mistakes. It might feel like homework but actually, these games are great to play while you learn new skills.

The world’s best gamblers are able to concentrate on high-stakes games and master the art of the long game. Of course, less decimated players can strike lucky at any minute – but if you’re looking to master a table game then be prepared to work hard for your rewards.

The first step? Learn the rules of each game and figure out if they’re right for you. Here, we look at the four best online casino games every player should experience to really hone their gambling skills.

1. Baccarat

Few games have such a rich history behind them as baccarat. This Italian table game emerged from the pre-renaissance casinos back in the 1400s and became an instant hit within gambling halls and the corridors of the aristocracy. Baccarat – almost known as Punto Banco after it migrated to Cuba in the 1900s – has survived the test of time thanks to its simplicity.

baccarat table game with cards and chips

The object of baccarat is to place a bet on the outcome of two competing hands of cards. There is a Player hand and a Banker hand. Each hand receives two cards, the individual values of which are totaled together to create a score. Any hand that goes into double digits is scored by the right-most number. So, a hand with 6 Diamonds and 7 Clubs = 3.

The winning hand is that which has the strongest score at the end of the game, so the best value in baccarat is 9. When both hands have been dealt, there is the possibility of a third card each emerging from the deck. The winning hand is the one that has the highest score at the end of these draws.

Baccarat Bets

Banker 1.1% House Edge
Player 1.29% House Edge
Tie 15.75% House Edge

What makes baccarat such a great game to play is that you don’t have to back the Player. In fact, a top baccarat tip is to forget about the concept of a Player and a Banker. Instead, understand that the Banker bet has a lower house edge than the other two options – so why would you bet on anything else?

Game Baccarat
Origin Italy, 1400s
House Edge 1.1%
Can I Play Live? Yes
Tactics Bet on the banker

2. Three Card Poker

If you want to get a good understanding of card strengths but find Texas Hold’em a little daunting, then Three Card Poker is the perfect place to start. In Three Card Poker the rules are easy: receive three cards and beat the dealer’s hand to win the game. Not only is this game straightforward, but it’s a lot of fun too.

Why players choose Three Card Poker is to develop their understanding of card strengths and tactics. As the old saying goes, the best poker players know when to fold ‘em and not blindly bet away their chips. In Three Card Poker you can decide to fold once you’ve made the ante bet and seen your cards. If you want to reveal what the dealer has, you’ll have to place another bet.

Being in a position to learn when to fold is one of the top smart poker strategies you can master. What’s more, there is less risk in Three Card Poker compared to other forms of the game because the bet level cannot grow any greater than double your ante bet.

So, one tactic many Three Card Poker players use when starting out in the game is to bet $1 per hand until they become accustomed with the rules and form a strategy. After that they may decide to place higher ante bets.

Game Three-Card Poker
Origin UK, 1997
House Edge 1.5%
Can I Play Live? Yes
Tactics Bet low to start

3. Roulette

There isn’t a casino in the world that doesn’t have a roulette table at the center of all the action and the best online casinos know they must provide high-quality roulette games to satisfy their players.

Roulette was developed in France in the 1700s and involves players placing bets on which section of the spinning wheel the ball will settle on.

light up roulette wheel spinning

Scenes of players crowded around roulette tables with mountains of chips on individual bets are as common in 2021 as they were back in the 18th century. The range of bets means you could win as much as x35 your wager if you strike really lucky. Over the decades, a number of top roulette strategies have emerged, ranging from conservative to outright extravagant.

Of these strategies, there are traditionally four bet combinations – known as being part of the racetrack – that players use to deploy their own bets. These ‘call bets’ are: Voisins, Orphelins, Zero and Tiers. You can place them easily in the best online roulette games, so you don’t have to make multiple individual bets at once.

Remember, the basic idea of roulette is to place your bets on the table and keep your fingers crossed. And while there is a house edge in all roulette games, some bets are smarter to place than others.

Game Roulette
Origin France, 1700s
House Edge 2.6% European, 5% American
Can I Play Live? Yes
Tactics Consider the racetrack but keep stakes low

4. Blackjack

Las Vegas, Monte Carlo and Macau would be nothing without blackjack, and it’s no surprise this is one of the most popular online casino games anywhere in the world. Blackjack is another game to have originated from France around the 1700s and is also known as vingt-et-un (which is twenty-one in French).

How to play blackjack is simple. Your aim is to reach 21 based on the total value of your cards. Exceed 21 and you lose the game, but hit that number or beat the dealer’s total and you’ll win. Sounds simple, right? Well, the beauty of blackjack is there are hundreds of different variations in online casinos, each offering their own adjustments to the rules to make the game more fun.


The basic principle of blackjack remains the same in all versions of the game. Cards represent their numerical values, the picture cards are worth 10 and an ace is worth 1 or 11. Furthermore, you can split your hand into two if you’re dealt a pair, and can double down on your bet if you’re feeling confident.

Mastering blackjack strategy is a highly complex achievement, but many online gamblers succeed in it. The main principle is to be smart – don’t hit higher than 18 unless the dealer has 9, 10 or A; always hit on 11 or below; split on almost every pair.

Game Blackjack
Origin France, 1700s
House Edge 1.5%
Can I Play Live? Yes
Tactics Split most pairs and stand on hard 17 or higher

Latest Table Games

Now that you’re familiar with 4 table games you should try (even just once!), why not test your knowledge? Our experts have curated a list of sites for the best online casino games and provided a detailed review of each site, which means you can find a casino that’s right for you and access the table games you want to play!

What’s more, our online casino reviews provide a full breakdown of everything you need to know about each site. So, while the range of table games may be important to you, get familiar with factors like payment methods, casino bonuses, number of slots available and what customer service is like.

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