Everything you Need to Know About State-Based Keno Draws

Did you know that state lotteries across the country offer keno alongside traditional lottery games? State-based keno draws are offered in multiple states and players have the opportunity to win up to $10 million! Read on to learn more about state-based keno draws and where to find the biggest keno prize in the USA!


Although the online casino market is one of the fastest growing gambling sectors in the world, millions of Americans play the lottery every week hoping for a truly life changing jackpot if they win the lottery. But did you know that the lottery isn’t the only game available to players in some states? In fact, many states offer keno draws alongside traditional lottery games.

Now I’m sure that you know that while there is a difference between the lottery and keno, they are fairly similar games. Just as in keno online, twenty balls are drawn from a total of eighty and players stake their hard-earned cash on which numbers they believe will be drawn.

Although the potential wins in keno aren’t as massive as in the lottery, it’s still a fun and exciting game that players across the country love. Plus it’s very easy to learn how to play keno. That’s why so many states feature keno alongside the lottery as part of their legal online gambling offering.

Let’s take a look now at some of the biggest keno draws from around the country and you can find out which state has the biggest keno draw prize.

Keno Draw in Massachusetts

Players in Massachusetts have plenty of options when it comes to keno. The Massachusetts State Lottery offers 15 draws an hour every day between the hours of 5am and 1am: that’s an incredible 300 opportunities to win every day!

You can play from as little as $1 a draw and the maximum win on a standard game of 12 spot keno is $1 million! If you really want to up the ante, you can opt to select the keno bonus which could potentially add a multiplier to your game. Similar to a casino bonus, this could potentially increase your winnings up to 10x! Unfortunately, this isn’t available on 12-spot games.

Oregon Keno Live Draw

Keno is a firm favorite with players in Oregon as the game is offered by the Oregon Lottery alongside scratch cards and even sports betting! Keno draws occur every four minutes with a maximum casino jackpot of $1 million!

Oregonians have a plethora of bonus features to choose from when playing keno. You can opt into the special keno prize draw, at no additional cost, for a chance to win the largest jackpot of $1 million. The downside to this is that there are fewer prizes available if you fail to hit all ten balls.

Possibly the best bonus feature is the bulls-eye. In every game, the bulls-eye will land on one number. If you have that number and you win a standard or special keno prize, you will also receive the additional bulls-eye prize! So if you hit ten numbers in a ten ball game, including the bulls-eye, you could potentially win $300,000 on top of the $1 million jackpot!

Keno Draw in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania players can enjoy regular keno draws which are live-streamed via the Pennsylvania Lottery website. These draws are conducted every four minutes and players can win up to $200,000 in a standard game of keno while playing on one of the safest online gambling sites.

You can optionally play the multiplier which can potentially increase your winnings by 10x, but it triples your initial wager. If you’re very lucky, you can turn your $200,000 into a cool $2 million!

Keno Draw in Ohio

The Ohio Lottery has included keno since 2008 and it has become a firm favorite with Buckeyes! As in Pennsylvania, the standard jackpot is $200,000 but this can be boosted with the multiplier up to a maximum of $2 million!

The Ohio Lottery adds extra fun to their keno games by offering seasonal promotions. They regularly offer bonus bets to boost the fun! Even better, you can play keno on their mobile casino app and follow the action live from your phone!


100% up to $400


Keno Draw in Georgia

Players in Georgia have one of the biggest potential keno jackpots available. If you manage to score a 10x multiplier and get ten numbers on a ten spot draw, you could potentially walk away with $10 million!

The Georgia Lottery website live streams over 300 draws every day and even tracks keno patterns such as the hot and cold numbers to help players choose their numbers. You’ll need all the help you can get if you’re going to win that $10 million.

Connecticut Keno Live Draw

Although one of the smaller states in the country, Connecticut really punches above its weight in terms of gambling. Home to one of the largest casinos in the world, Foxwoods Casino and Resort, Connecticut also offers keno draws throughout the day via the CT Lottery.

The maximum prize, with the 10x multiplier, is $1 million but that will certainly go a long way towards boosting your casino bankroll if you’re heading to Foxwoods!

Keno Draw in Kansas

Players in Kansas have the most opportunities to play keno per day of any state we reviewed. The Kansas Lottery keno draw is conducted every four minutes twenty-three hours a day: that’s 345 opportunities to play every day!

The maximum potential win is $300,000 but with so many opportunities to play who knows what’s possible?

Michigan Keno Live Draw

Michigan is possibly one of the top destinations of keno players. The Michigan Lottery actually offers multiple versions of keno, with draws every few minutes. Although their standard keno game only has a maximum prize of $250,000, their Club Keno game is where Michigan really shines.

Different to the online game Klub Keno, Club Keno has huge potential prizes and plenty of bonuses. The standard draw has a potential payout of $2 million but you can select the extra draw which, if successful, can add an additional $500,000 to your winnings!

Club Keno also features a progressive jackpot known as the Jack. Playing the Jack only costs $1 extra and automatically adds eight additional numbers to your keno card. If you hit all eight, then you’ll win the progressive jackpot!

What is the Biggest Keno Draw Prize?

We’ve looked at some of the biggest keno offerings across the USA and found that players across the country have plenty of opportunities to win truly life changing amounts of money playing keno.

The largest keno prize in the USA can be found in Georgia. The potential $10 million prize is second to none and rivals any real money online casino featured in our casino reviews.

In terms of the best keno draw in the USA, we’d have to pick Michigan. Keno fans in Michigan have multiple online casino games to choose from, including the bonus-laden Club Keno.

If all this talk of huge keno draws across the country has you ready for some real money keno online, why not brush up on some expert keno tips. You’ll be ready to play at the best online casino sites around in no time!

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